The Mscp Principle

The Mscp Principle

by Rene Qian

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The Mental Screen Conditioning Process Principle shows us how thoughts are attracted by our perception while the senses are open get firmly fixed in our mental screen creating our own reality, and how to concentrate on important aspects to help us see a broader perception of that reality in order to brake our limitations on the physical, mental, psychological and spiritual bodies. The MSCP I Principle -Routines-, provides the tools to connect us with our own energy field linked to the energy field of everybody else’s, through action by developing at the same time a self-stem and the power of will and synchronicity of event awareness.

The MSCP I Principle -Routines- shows how a set of 16 routine exercise may develop the universal spark hidden within every human being to connect with his/her emotional, psychological, mental and spiritual bodies. The practitioner will start ‘extending’ an energy field after regulating the body, breathing and mind, and through the right technique will be placing his/her perception beyond time and space. The practitioner of the MSCP I Principle -Routines-, will be aware of the power of a smile and a positive comment. Will re-discover how positive emotions can resonate with a negative value on the opposite side of the measuring scale, without even never intended.




































The Mscp Principle




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